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This is the construction price of energy efficient, lightweight and modular houses in 2024

The year 2021 was marked by COVID, and then came 2022, when the Russian-Ukrainian war broke out, which, interestingly enough, put an immediate end to the COVID epidemic.

Unfortunately, some of the world’s great leaders have made sure that, even if it is not an epidemic, it is something that has a very negative impact on people’s lives, let’s say this without any party affiliation. The war has created an energy dependency, especially in the EU, which has affected all products as we ourselves produce and supply everything.

The future depends on the use of sustainable and innovative raw materials, mainly natural ones, and from next year, the Hungarian government will also prioritise the use of carbon neutral and domestically produced technologies.

It is very important that the materials used in the construction, use and then demolition of our new houses are carbon negative in the whole life cycle analysis and are made from Hungarian and regional building materials.

The annual energy demand of a lightweight and ‘energia plus’ 100 m2 house with a timber or steel structure is 0 forints, and the annual utility cost of a low-energy house is approx. 120-200 thousand forints. In contrast, the annual electricity and gas consumption bills of a traditional, old, energy-wasteful B30 brick house will exceed 1 million forints in 2024.

From 2023, houses on the market with high quality insulation and modern appliances will be revalued, as from 2024 the green passport for flats and houses will be introduced, which will be an added value when applying for a bank loan or obtaining a valuation.

In our opinion, the price of raw materials should not rise significantly, as half as many houses and flats are being built today as in previous years. Despite this, fee for work will certainly continue to rise, as the real value of our money has depreciated in 2023.

In the construction industry there is a lot of poorly trained and low skilled labour, so good skilled labour is becoming more and more valuable, but this drags with it the rising prices of contractors as no one has ever seen an advertisement where a swindler promises to build a cheap house.

Therefore, if you wish to build a detached house in the near future, you should start looking for a plot as soon as possible and we can recommend an architect in various parts of the country who will then prepare the planning documentation for you to submit to the authorities.

Our company, Kp Sales House Ltd, is ten years old, but most of our staff have over 20 years experience in the construction of prefabricated houses. We have been certified by Dun & Bradstreet (BISNODE), Europe’s most respected business certification company, as a highly reliable company. In addition, the single-family houses we build have NMÉ, i.e. national technical evaluation, and we are members of Évosz and MAKÉSZ and have the MAKÉSZ trademark.

We undertake to provide a quotation for a detached house within 5 working days, free of charge and without obligation. We also offer a quotation for a prefabricated house with timber frame, steel structure. Request a quotation for your own house by sending an email to info@kp.hu or amelita@kp.hu.

The good news is that our company managed to reduce its prices in the second half of 2023, but compared to the euro, our forint is making frantic movements, which seem to stabilise slightly in the last month of the year.

For those who wish to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly house in 2024, we can offer the following quotation, in case of signing a contract in autumn 2023:

Steel or timber frame, structure ready: our prefabricated houses are ready to be erected and assembled on site in 2-3 days in the case of the roof and walls, after 1-2 days of factory assembly, without scaffolding. For a 100 m2 steel-framed house with a simple pitched roof: 88-94 000 ft/m2; for a moderately complex roof: 94-105 000 ft/m2, but even for a more complicated segmented roof, the price does not exceed 110 000 ft/m2.

If you wish to order a higher level of preparation, we recommend the semi-finished or advanced semi-finished option.

The wall panels and roof elements of the semi-finished house are finished in the factory within a week and, depending on the size, we can build and deliver it on site in 1-2 weeks.

Most of our single-family houses are delivered to the Customer in a semi-finished state at the construction site, after they have been manufactured to the exact dimensions in the factory. Semi-finished is our most popular level of technical finish because it offers the best value for money and is the most sustainable. This is because painting, plastering, tiling, electrical and plumbing work tends to be cheaper when carried out by local labour as the local worker does not have to pay for accommodation, travel and transport costs. And if there is a breakdown in the heating or electrical system later on, the professional who takes care of the warranty can be available in a fraction of the time.

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Our semi-finished family home includes the following:

We prepare the construction plans, statics, assembly plans, we factory-assemble the walls and the roof structure with dimensional accuracy.

We transport the individual parts of the structure to the construction site. With the help of a crane, the walls are lifted and then the enclosures, thermal insulation and electrical conduits are installed. Then, the roof structure is assembled, the windows, the entrance door, balcony doors, roof enclosure and cornices are installed. The false ceiling structure is installed and 30 cm wood wool or cellulose insulation is blown into the floor slab. Our semi-finished houses are finished in the factory in 1-2 weeks and then on the construction site in 30-40 working days.

How much will the semi-finished construction cost in the case of a contract in autumn 2023 and construction in 2024?

The answer is a little more complicated because it depends on the size of the house and how structured the walls and roof are, but in general we can say that, per square metre, the price for a house of less than 100 m2 of semi-finished construction is 270-300 thousand ft, while for more than 100 m2 it is 260-290 thousand ft/m2.

For those who would also like our company to take care of external plastering with thermal insulation, we recommend our advanced semi-finished houses with steel or wooden structure.

The advanced semi-finished houses differs from the semi-finished level in that it is completely finished on the outside, which is why we also prepare the heat-insulating plaster together with the paint. The additional cost compared to the semi-finished state is approximately 50,000-60,000 ft/m2, depending on the layout.

We also take care of the turnkey construction of the houses, but in each case we will examine how it is more economically profitable for the Client. We do not carry out the finishing work at a great distance from our manufacturing base and our specialists because it is not sustainable, as the costs of accommodation or travel are considerable and this must be included in the price of the house.

The construction of a turnkey single-family house in Pest County, for example, without the foundation, currently costs between 490 and 540 thousand ft/m2 in terms of gross floor area.

If you would like to see some of our designs, you can find ideas on the following pages: http://otthontervek.hu, http://ujhazak.com, http://puzzlehome.eu

The skeleton or frame of our prefabricated houses can be made of longitudinally spliced or glued structural timber or hot-dip galvanised steel. For those who believe in concrete, we recommend a special prefabricated house made of lightweight ceramic concrete. Each of our building technologies can be realised with almost zero energy requirements or completely without external energy requirements.

Please contact our colleagues via our contact details.

What is new is that we not only design, manufacture and build prefabricated houses with steel and timber frames, but from January 2024 we will also be offering dome houses, which combine an ancient form with modernity, but most importantly, everything involved in the structure of the house, including thermal insulation and cladding, will be sustainable.

You will find a more detailed article on dome houses here:

Keresse a "Kp Sales House Kft" ügyfélreferenseit az alábbi elérhetőségeken:

A telefonszámok csak hétköznap 8-17 óráig, szombaton 9-13 óráig érhetőek el


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