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A newly built, modern, energy-efficient family house for the price of a panel apartment

Today, in Hungary, a new, highly energy-efficient family house can be built for the same price as the selling price (national average) of a similar sized apartment.  There are municipalities where a new family house can be built for even less than the selling price of a prefab or brick apartment…

Add to that the price of a detached house in a city of about 15-40 million forints, and in rural villages 3-15 million forints, which is the price of the land, but for that extra price you can have a detached house with a garden, brand new, with a guarantee, with the layout you want and with a utility cost of a third or a quarter of that of a prefab or an old brick flat. 

In addition, a new family house is different in every element because all building materials can be environmentally friendly, sustainable and therefore healthy, and this can hardly be said of an old dwelling, regardless of the technology. 

So if you include the cost of the land in the total cost, even with the addition of the land price, a detached house is cheaper than a prefabricated flat in 30-40 years, calculated over half a person’s lifetime.  Not to mention that the apartment will have to be much more expensive to maintain, since in 40 years’ time our new family house will be 40 years old, and the 30-40 year old prefab or brick apartment may be 80 years old, approaching the end of its useful life and will require major renovations.

The average price per square metre of a second-hand brick apartment in 2023 was 560,000 forints. The most expensive city was Veszprém with 770.000 forints per square metre, while prices in Debrecen were just behind with 763.000 forints, and Érd was third in the expensive housing ranking with 700.000 forints for an old “second-hand” apartment. In most cities, second-hand prices are between 500 and 700 thousand of forints, with Nagykanizsa and Dunaújváros standing out, where the average price per square metre is 400 thousand of forints.

The biggest house price rises last year were in Sopron, Szeged and Pécs, where house prices went up by almost 30%. There was a price rise of almost 7% on the housing market last year, according to an analysis by Otthon Centrum.

The extremely high price of panel houses is shocking, with the average price of a panel house at least 30-40 years old in the country at 502,000 forints, the most expensive in Debrecen at 646,000 forints, followed by Veszprém at 590,000 forints, then Győr and Székesfehérvár at 560,000 forints per square metre.

The highest prices for second-hand family houses are in Sopron, where the price per square metre is 743 thousand forints, in Debrecen the Otthon Centrum experts measured the price per square metre of a second-hand house at 575 thousand forints, while in Győr old second-hand houses were sold at an average price of 562 thousand forints. In villages far from the cities, the prices of used old houses are around 200-300 thousand forints.

In 2024, our company will be building premium, turnkey, environmentally friendly, sustainable, low-overhead, detached houses at prices between 550-620 thousand forints per square metre!

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A telefonszámok csak hétköznap 8-17 óráig, szombaton 9-13 óráig érhetőek el


The price includes VAT and foundation costs!

With our semi-finished or elevated construction and our assemble-it-yourself actions, you can save up to 50-60 thousand forints per square meter by organizing a few work phases with local contractors and friends. 

If you see an advertisement that you can get a new turnkey house for 450-480 thousand of forints/m2 or even cheaper, accept it with reservations, it is almost certainly not true, if it is, it will be made of very poor materials and with poor technical content and insulation and will be much more expensive over the years due to maintenance and overheads.

Our company is a member of the ÉVOSZ, MAKÉSZ and holds the MAKÉSZ trademark, and has been awarded a GOLD AAA rating by the independent international financial rating agency D&B for several years.

If you are looking to build a guaranteed energy efficient and modern family home, contact our colleagues and they will help you with everything from site selection to design and the complete construction work.

A few photos of our houses:

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A telefonszámok csak hétköznap 8-17 óráig, szombaton 9-13 óráig érhetőek el


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