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How does the prefabricated house construction work at our company?

Our company is dedicated to the construction of modular and prefabricated houses. No matter what type of family home you want to build, for us sustainability, minimal or no utility, good quality and value for money are most important.

If you are looking for the cheapest house builder, you should look for another company, because considering the above, we are not the most relevant for the “cheapest” concept. However, in terms of value for money, we have very good offers.

Our EnergyFriendHome steel family house manufactured and built 7 years ago

Our company is a member of ÉVOSZ, MAKÉSZ, a company with the registered trademark MAKÉSZ and has the highest financial rating of Dun & Bradstreet (BISNODE) GOLD AAA.

Before delving into the topic of building a prefabricated house, it is important to remember that a new house or home always has 3 prices:

  1. How much does it cost to build a new single-family home?
  2. How much does the new single-family home cost in terms of heating and cooling, domestic hot water and lighting?
  3. How much does it cost to keep the single-family home in good condition, that is, how much should be spent on maintenance?

If the price of a new house is very cheap at first, the momentary pleasure will quickly be offset by the high cost over several decades, which, if projected over a lifetime, can far exceed the cost of building the house.

In the image, László Koji, President of Évosz, presents the MAKÉSZ brand certificate to our company

If the monthly utility costs for a 100 m2 house amount to an average of 15 thousand forints per month, then in 50 years we will spend 9 million forints on energy at current prices, and if it is 75 thousand forints, then 45 million of forints, which is close to the cost of the house when it was new.

At the same time, the maintenance costs or responsibilities set out in point 3 can amount to a monthly figure similar to the general energy costs, so 18 million HUF already compares to 90 million forints in 50 years. The difference is a year and a half of the current cost of a new 100 m2 family home.

Since this post aims to take the reader from the idea of building a house, through planning, choosing materials and construction, to moving, we will not talk about house construction prices here.

If you are interested in our current home construction prices, click here and to see a detailed description of our most recent prices.


When a person, a couple or a family wants to build a new house, it is not an idea that just pops out of the head, but is the result of deep planning. Therefore, it is also very important that the entire process is conscious and well thought out.

It is necessary to decide from the beginning whether we will carry out the process of site selection, planning, obtaining licenses and permits, purchasing materials and construction ourselves or whether we will entrust it to a specialist or a specialized company.

The process of building a house on your own rarely goes smoothly, the costs are usually not predictable in advance, so there is a lot of tension within the family before the long-awaited new house is ready.

In most cases, the expected costs will even be doubled and the quality will not be the same as if one or two companies carried out the entire construction process and the guarantee will not be clear, because there will not be one or two companies responsible for the entire work, but between 5 and 10 contractors who will try to evade their responsibility.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find reliable companies that are always available when you need them on your construction site. Procurement of materials, transportation, permits will all be your responsibility, and you will also need to hire a technical inspector since, if there are multiple contractors in your organization during construction, this is mandatory.

We wish success and perseverance to those who rely on their own design, construction and skills, but we did not write this article for them. Although, it’s worth everyone’s read!

In the event that you want to get rid of all the nervousness and just want to make the necessary decisions, such as the shape and color of the window, roof and decking, choose a general contractor and sit back.

When choosing a contractor, check if the company pays taxes, if it has no public debts, if it is not seized, if it has registered employees, if it has a location, if it is a member of professional organizations, if it has comprehensive insurance , if she has real references that can be seen live and if what she says about herself is true, how many houses she has built in previous years or simply boasts of photos downloaded from the internet that are not her work.

Be wary of the story that it’s a new company because he and his friend just broke up… So be very careful.

Think that it is the fruit of a lifetime for your entire family, because it will include the financial savings of two people for several decades. You may also think that, if you need surgery, you would choose a doctor whose first surgery was this or one who has decades of experience and many good reviews under his belt.

You can read a few sentences about our company, Kp Sales House Kft., by clicking here…

Our company headquarters, showroom and manufacturing base is located in Tököl, Pest province. During the first meeting, we will listen to you about what you want to achieve, show you our technologies, production, stratification and tell you when and how we can adopt your idea. We will also inform you of the likely costs without knowing the exact plans.

At the first contact, if you like us and want to work with us, we will activate and create your own client portal in our company management system and in the future we will communicate in writing here, so that everything is organized and you always get a response all your questions from the person most competent to do so, so that there is no chance of anything being forgotten.

Of course, verbal communication will always be maintained, but major decisions and issues should also be documented in writing to avoid misunderstandings and to facilitate traceability. Our online system works 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so whenever you have an idea, a request, a question, you can write to us and our competent colleagues will be able to respond to you faster, so that what you describe is safe and well thought out. . In the case of telephone communication, if it is not documented, many things can go wrong and there is no room for error in a home construction project.

When you contact us for the first time, we want to know the following:

Have you decided where you want to build or have you already bought the plot of your dreams?

If you have already purchased the plot, this question is resolved, but if you are still deciding, we can recommend an architect who is closer to the construction site and who can best represent the style of construction you want. We currently work with 12 architects, 6 structural engineers, 2 energy engineers, 2 electrical designers and 5 production designers.

If you already have your plot and the architect’s plans, you can move on to the next design chapter, because we will immediately evaluate your plans with the agreed technical content.

A design contract is signed with the architect, outlining who has what responsibilities and obligations.

There are several parts of the architect’s job for which he is paid separately:

In all cases, the cost of the first 5 phases of the work must be paid by the client to the architect. Depending on the size of the building and what part of the country the plot is located in, the cost of this will be between 7,000 and 11,000 ft/m2, determined in advance by our engineers. It is understood that, if at any time the builder decides not to continue with the work, there is the possibility of partial settlement, since payment will be made in 3 installments.

  1. Help in choosing the plot (usually free)
  2. Familiarization with local construction regulations, preparation of a preliminary project with up to 3 amendments
  3. If preliminary plans are accepted, consult with the local building authority and chief architect
  4. Incorporation of the necessary proposals of the chief architect into the plans, agreement on final modifications
  5. Preparation of sections, floor plans, facades, for final presentation
  6. Upon acceptance of the complete permit documentation or simple notification, if the Builder also hires our company for construction, the electrical and mechanical engineering documents and the energy calculation are prepared.
  7. Preparation of production and installation plans, along with mechanical and electrical plans
  8. Checking and, if necessary, correcting manufacturing drawings once the receiving level has been completed

The costs of points 6, 7, 8 will not be paid by the Builder at the time of signing and execution of the construction contract, since they are part of the construction commitment of our company.

Our house, built on the shores of Lake Balaton, is on a very sloping plot. The foundation and basement were difficult to build due to slopes and rocks, costing 2 million forints more, but the plot had been in the family for a long time, so it was an obvious investment. And in a place where the price per square meter exceeds one million forints, an additional cost of 2 million forints is not a problem.

The architect will help you choose a location: If the family has chosen several plots, but cannot decide, our architect will help and advise the builder on the best solution.

You must take into account the distance to schools, daycare centers, doctors, shopping centers, workplaces, etc., and if important, public transport stops, etc.

Of course, before choosing the plot, if you have decided whether you want to build a house with a flat roof or a high roof, this will also affect your choices, because in many places, for example, you cannot build a single-story or high-rise house. high roof and, the local building authority may also specify the roof material, and may also require you to choose the color.

It is very important to take into account the geodetic characteristics of a given terrain and its slope, factors that greatly influence construction costs.

Therefore, if a decision is made between the chosen plots, it is recommended to carry out a geotechnical study and a mechanical analysis of the soil, even before the purchase, which should be carried out at a cost of approximately 350 – 400 thousand forints in your set. This is convenient so that you do not have to wait up to 10 million forints in additional costs later if you make a mistake by choosing a poorly located plot.

A very important thing that we clarify with our clients from the beginning is that the designer cannot start working without geotechnics or soil mechanics, because without it it is not eloquent to prepare responsible and correct plans, likewise, it is not possible to determine the foundation method. and costs, and without it the structural engineer will not be able to prepare a structural and foundation plan. Therefore, if you want to save the cost of soil mechanics and geotechnics, you will have to use another designer to carry out the plans and calculations.

Without soil mechanics, the design and construction of the home, entering into the safety factor, will not comply with the EUROCODE 8 standards in force, so there is no guarantee of stability in the event of an earthquake, for example. Therefore, we only design and build on plots with a mechanical report or soil tests. It is in all of our interests that the house remains stable and safe after a major earthquake, after a flood, and after 100 years.


The most important thing when working with a designer and our advisors is trust and harmony, because there comes a time when you have to ask intrusive questions like how much is the budget for the house, for example. This is important because then we can decide what size and layout of the house to recommend. There is no point in spending weeks planning a 200 m2 house for a family if you know in advance that 120 m2 is the logical limit depending on the amount, since you have to add a fence and utilities to the budget…

The architect will prepare the plans and final documentation based on his best knowledge, the rules of his profession, the regulations of the local building authority and the needs of the Dear Client. It must be taken into account that in most parts of the country the consultation with the chief architect can take up to several months, however, there are places where it is done in 1-2 weeks. In general, if the Client starts rushing the chief architect because he knows his boss or colleague, in most cases this causes further delays, so it is worth waiting for responses. You have to dedicate time for building permit plans or simple notification documents and, you have to keep in mind that the deadlines of some authorities cannot be met and you have to prepare for this in advance.


We already set the price of the sketches that are on the drawing board for our clients, of course free of charge, and in case of a major and significant change, this will be modified within a week if justified. The annex to our budget is a technical content, which includes tiling, windows and doors, insulation, coatings, plastering, electricity, heating and cooling, plumbing, etc.

Of course, we take into account all the builder’s needs and price our services accordingly. A detailed budget is prepared, according to the construction phases chosen by the client.

Starting from the base budget, we will sit down with the Client and clarify the technical content and the choice of materials, we will make proposals to reduce and optimize costs and we will present a new offer.

In many cases, changes can be made to the plans since the dimensions of some rooms can be increased or the ceiling structure can be simplified. At this point, we also discuss the different aspects of the contract and possible financing problems, because with the CSOK or a loan different solutions have to be considered, for which we are prepared.

If necessary, we provide you with a team of loan officers free of charge, who are well versed in our loan products and options and can help you navigate interest rates, maturities, interest periods and the plethora of other rules. It is important to note that we can only help you with your loan later if our delegated team is handling the loan. If someone wants to do it with a friend or acquaintance, no problem, but we can no longer help with credit issues.


Production plan of the roof of a high-rise house.

Since the great advantage of prefabricated technology is that it is built in a factory, with exact dimensions and under controlled conditions, it is necessary to determine in advance the exact locations of electrical panels, switches, sockets, taps, sinks, toilets and their tanks. , the location and assembly of the domestic hot water tank… The same procedure must be followed for the threshold height, width, opening direction, coating thickness, height to the ceiling and the stratification of the floors, of all doors and windows.

The cost of retrofitting a wall, switch, window or mechanical solution can run into thousands of euros.

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Working on the design table requires much more time and energy than in the case of traditional construction because, on the construction site, for example, the daily cost of a crane can amount to between 500,000 and 700,000 ft and could even be build a 200 m2 house in one day, in terms of walls and roof.

Photo of the placement of the water distributor and collector, boilers, smart home control, electrical distribution cabinet and installation of inverters for solar photovoltaic system, carried out with a well-developed electrical and water engineering plan.


Once the architect’s plans have been finalized by the Builder with the architect-engineer and accepted by the Chief Architect, there is no obstacle to signing the construction contract. The contract is attached with detailed technical content and a global budget broken down into the main items, as well as the financial and temporal calendar.

The contract for the family home should clarify all issues.

The construction contract will specify who will carry out the reception level construction and the obligations of the Contractor and the Client, and will clearly indicate the duration of the Contractor’s commitment. So if the Client wants the coating, painting or engineering, for example, to be carried out by another contractor, this is possible. Of course, the contract will set out who can act for the Client in certain decisions and for how long the choice of material must be decided and where it can be chosen.

The technical content will specify, in advance, the exact types of materials to be used, for example, what type of steel structure, how many centimeters wide the walls and floor are and what type of insulation they are provided with. The main parameters of each phase of the work are recorded, such as the brand of the windows and doors and their exterior and interior colors, since these are immediately ordered by the Contractor and, once completed, stored until installation. But there are elements, such as coatings, in which no specific type or manufacturer is specified, but in which, for example, the coating is budgeted at a price of 10,000 ft/m2 and there are still 2-3 months for the client makes a decision. In this case, if a cheaper or more expensive product is chosen, the parties will settle the difference between them.

If there are elements of the technical content of the contract that must be decided later, the deadlines for their selection are set in advance by the parties and the client will be notified later, through the company’s management system, that a decision must be made. on certain issues.

The financial calendar of a construction contract establishes exactly when a job must be completed, when it must be paid for, etc. If, for example, the Client is unable to pay on time, it is already set in advance how the installments will be calculated from that moment on. A very important element of precise construction deadlines is compliance with payment deadlines by the Client, which, in the case of bank and CSOK loans, often involves elements that cannot be calculated in advance and that can alter a precisely crafted calendar. These elements will be noted in advance and set in the contract.

Warranty issues will also be set out in the contract, partly in accordance with legal deadlines or our higher voluntary commitments, for example in the case of the structure.

At the time of formalizing the contract, a deposit must be paid, which will be 10% of the contractor’s total fees, so that if one of the parties cancels or rescinds the contract, the contractor will pay double the deposit or the client will lose it.

Today, the availability and price of certain building materials are very unpredictable, first because of COVID and then because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the fluctuating value of the FORINT against the EURO and the US DOLLAR does not help to keep prices stable. However, our company offers a price guarantee for the entire duration of construction, corresponding to the amount of the deposit paid. So, for example, if someone pays half of the total construction contract in advance and our company can buy materials with that money, we guarantee 100% of the price for all phases of the work.

The general question is, when can we start construction and when can we deliver the work to the Client. There is no general answer to this question because it depends on the location, size, climate and what works are part of the construction contract.

Generally speaking, if someone comes to the office today and wants to commission a steel or wood structure and they have the architect’s plans, so only the fabrication and construction design is required, but the slab-on-grade is not part of of the contract, we can have the work manufactured in 15-20 days and begin construction in 30 days, which we can complete in up to 7 working days for both workshop and on-site tasks.

If this order is placed with the foundation and reception level ready and the house is going to be semi-finished, then depending on our workload, we can start work on site within 2 to 4 months and can reach the state semi-finished in a maximum of 1 month, from the roof to the installation of windows and thermally insulated walls.

In all cases, the end date is subject to personal agreement.


The earliest that the construction of a single-family home can begin is when the building permit is final and, in the case of the construction of a home with a simple notification, 15 days must elapse from the presentation of the plans and the taking of Possession of the site of the works, which is specified in the contract with sufficient advance notice, are other factors for the start of the works.

The client must deliver the work site in conditions suitable for carrying out the works, which means that if trees have to be felled or buildings demolished, it must be done before that date, and a solution must be provided for the supply of electricity and water. The Contractor will take charge of the work of the Client and will remain in his possession until the commissioned work has been carried out and the parties have settled accounts.

In the event that the Client entrusts the construction of the reception level to a local contractor, as stipulated in the contract, the work area may be addressed together with the reception level. A record of delivery and receipt is drawn up, which is currently recorded online in our company management system, and the parties receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email.

In the event that the Customer entrusts the foundation work and receiving level to an external contractor, we will check the production plan at the time of delivery and, if necessary, make corrections before production. This may delay construction by up to a month as we will not produce until changes due to errors have been made and accepted.

In the case of bank loans, CSOK, state subsidies for partial or total financing, although it is not mandatory to keep a record book, credit institutions require it, so our company keeps it up to date, and it must be registered by the Client at less when some phases of work are assumed.

During construction, the Contractor will carry out ongoing administrative tasks, such as obtaining occupancy or land access permits and arranging deliveries. The Contractor is also responsible for the removal of accumulated rubbish and the provision of a mobile toilet, thus ensuring the continuous cleanliness of the work area.

It is very important that the Client can visit the work only if the Contractor is present and agrees in advance, paying special attention to the protection of lives and accidents.

In most cases, the Contractor will protect the work with an inline camera and security system. It is understood that the Contractor has full liability insurance.

When a phase of the work is completed, it is delivered to the Client, who is obliged to pay, if it is paid punctually against invoice within the deadline, the work continues according to the planned schedule. Bank loans and public subsidies can disrupt the schedule with inconveniences arising and cause a delay of up to 3-4 weeks or even more. In this case, there are several solutions to ensure that the work runs smoothly and does not have to stop, which must be agreed in advance.

In the event that the Client has taken charge of the work and does not pay the Contractor the required amount, the Contractor will stop the work. It is expected that in this case the delays will be greater than the payment inactivity period, because the Contractor has a schedule made several months in advance and if he begins a specific job elsewhere, he cannot be expected to leave the site. job where you were paid on time. This is set in advance by the parties in the contract.

So, although prefabricated housing technology has many advantages, a big disadvantage is that, since it is built quickly, you have to pay quickly. A prefabricated house can be finished in 2-7 days, a semi-finished house in 30 days, while a turnkey exterior house can be finished in up to 40 days.

Since a part of the work has already been carried out in the manufacturing plant, the dimensional accuracy is extremely precise, after consulting the production drawings and the mechanical, sanitary and electrical drawings, which took place in the planning phase, no longer There is the possibility of modifying the structure or location of the stands on site, height, number of pieces, etc. If this is unavoidable, then the cost of this must be borne by the Client, which may involve a significantly budget. greater than if it could be solved with chiseling in a traditional construction. It should be borne in mind that there are vapor barriers here, several joints cannot be undone, for example, in the case of a wooden house, the sheet product is stapled to the wall structure and the insulation in the structure is made using a CNC (factory controlled machine). If the wall has to be dismantled, the insulation, vapor barrier, and fixings will be damaged, and if the modification is made to a static structure, it can affect many tasks. Therefore, the mechanical and structural, electrical and heating plans must be carefully planned because, at this moment, on the drawing board, it costs nothing however, here it can even represent a cost of 1000-2000 €.


Once the contracted work phases of the new single-family home are completed, the parties will walk through the home and check for defects and damage. The Contractor will correct them within the established period and the parties will establish a new delivery period. There may be minor defects that do not prevent technical delivery, in which case the work will be transferred and accepted by the parties and a deadline will be set for its completion. A minor defect is, for example, if the interior door window is damaged or there is a defect or deficiency that does not affect its use.

Upon successful delivery, the Contractor will issue a final invoice in accordance with the contract, which the Client must pay on the due date.

The Contractor will issue warranty documentation for all work within 3 days following completion of the settlement, approximately 50 pages of instructions for use and maintenance, and will provide documents of conformity of the materials and technology installed.

In the event that the parties have not contracted for turnkey work, the Contractor will return the workplace to the Client within 2 days after final delivery and completion of financial settlement. The Client or its external contractor will continue the works and will thereafter take care of everything related to the subsequent occupation.


In the event that the Builder is the general contractor, he will act before the first instance construction authority to obtain the official certificate in the case of a completed building with a simple notification, if the construction was completed with a construction permit, he will begin and will participate in the occupation procedure if the Client authorizes it and requests that it do so.

After obtaining the official certificate or occupancy license, the possibility for the Builder to settle in the building is officially opened, but in most cases this will occur after final handover, return of the land and settlement of accounts, because in many cases the time needed for official administration can be up to 1-3 months.


The energy and money invested in the design and construction of our family home, taking into account sustainability, protecting our pocketbooks, CO2 neutrality, using quality materials, will require minimal maintenance in the long term and, With well thought out engineering, you will be able to operate with zero external overhead. If later the family decides to move to a new house because the old one has become too small or they want to change location, selling a sustainable and CO2-neutral house will be easy and the money invested can be recovered and reused, with interest generated and profitability.

An energy-efficient home will be easier to sell later, and you will get a significant return on the money you invested earlier.

If Kp Sales House Kft. carries out the construction of the family home, we assume the guarantee for the completed works and, at the same time, the agreed price cannot change if the conditions established in the construction contract are met.

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