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Insulate with blown-in wood fibre instead of solar panels, so you won’t need as much energy!

The option of feeding electricity produced by solar cells back into the grid is terminated in Hungary.

It is a fact that “The cheapest energy is unused energy”-as our motto says, so evidently if we reduce the heat energy demand of our family home, we will need much less electricity or gas.

The heat energy demand of single-family homes, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial buildings can be reduced in the simplest and cheapest way by making suitable slab thermal insulation.

80% of family houses built today do not have sufficient thermal insulation of the ceiling, and in most cases a 20-30-year-old house does not have thermal insulation at all. Since the warm air tries to rise, the slab can produce the greatest heat loss, so we practically heat the street. The poor thermal insulation and high heat loss of our houses can be partly responsible for climate change and high CO2 emissions.

In a single-family house, 35% of the wasted energy escapes through the walls, 20% through the windows, 10% through the floor, and 35% through the roof if adequate thermal insulation is not provided.

Thermal insulation of the attic floor can be done at the lowest cost. This is true reduction of the ulitilies.

We cannot recommend a more natural thermal insulation than wood wool, neither now nor in the future, since it is made from natural pine wood.

How is STEICO wood wool insulation made?

The soft, coniferous pine wood is chopped into wood chips, which are completely broken down into fibers during the thermo-mechanical process.

This creates the wood fiber of the blown-in insulation, which is then dried, compacted and packed in bags, so it can be taken to the sites of the construction, where we first loosen it with a special high-pressure machine, and then blow it into the walls, ceilings, and roof slopes.

STEICO ZELL insulation can bind 63 kg of carbon dioxide per cubic meter. With the thermal insulation of a 30 cm ceiling of a 100 m2 family house, we can sequester 1900 kg of carbon dioxide!

Blown-in thermal insulation is excellent for gap-free thermal insulation of the slab, the hollow wall structure and the ceiling structure, in addition to the excellent thermal insulation, the heat storage mass will also be extremely high, so our house will be at least 3x more effective against summer overheating compared to buildings insulated with fiber rock wool or glass wool.

This means that it slows down the cooling of the interior to a greater extent in winter and overheating in summer. Simply put, with the same layer thickness, it keeps the interior spaces cooler by up to 4-5 degrees, as if insulating with mineral wool.

An additional advantage is that a lower injection density is used when spraying, which ultimately reduces material consumption and thus the total cost.

To form the insulation layer, pine wood fibers are blown under high pressure in an open (in the ceiling) or into a closed (walls) cavity of the structure, where they adapt exactly to the shape of the cavity (attic, lightweight walls), thus filling all spaces without gaps. STEICO ZELL natural wood fiber has a higher heat storage capacity than any other blown-in insulation.

The mechanical lines (e.g. cables, electrical installation boxes, heating pipes) can be perfectly insulated even during blowing, without the need for time-consuming manual work.

STEICO ZELL blown-in thermal insulation consists of pure loose wood fibers. Each of these fibers has all the advantages of natural wood: durability, stability and very good thermal insulation, sound insulation and heat storage properties.


  • Suitable for thermal insulation of almost any building structure
  • An effective and ideal solution for the thermal insulation of open-air lattice roofs
  • Can be used both for new construction and renovation
  • Ideal for renovating roofs, ceilings, walls and floors
  • Thermal insulation providing protection against the highest summer heat
  • Made from environmentally friendly, renewable raw materials, from FSC certified forestry
  • The first blown-in thermal insulation certified by building biology
  • Free from cutting waste and free from sedimentation
  • The fire prevention is natural, not with borax, but with natural mineral salt, B2 classification
  • 1 m3 of blown wood fiber insulation binds 63 kg of CO2, thereby contributing to climate protection

How much does the wood fiber thermal insulation material + labor cost and when can we do it for you?

In general, we can say that within 15 days from the order, we march on the work site and perform the blown wood fiber thermal insulation.

We can perform the thermal insulation of a 30cm ceiling of a 100m2 family house in 3-4 hours. A 200 m2 ceiling thermal insulation with a thickness of 30cm can be completed in 5 hours, which means that in the case of 30cm ceiling thermal insulation, in one working day we can incorporate an amount of 350 m2 without gaps.

Is the material fire resistant??? Watch the video:

Wood fiber thermal insulation is carried out with a special high-pressure blowing machine. The machine first breaks down the insulation supplied from the bag, and then blows it into the required place through a pipeline. A distinction must be made between blowing the wood wool thermal insulation into an open slab structure or into the closed walls of a closed or light-built house with a slanted roof.

The situation is the simplest in the open structure, since there we can blow the insulating material loosely between and on top of the slab beams or between the lattice supports. In all cases, you will pay exactly for the used material. Each bag contains the same amount of insulation from the factory, so accounting is easy!

If you want to apply 30cm STEICO wood wool thermal insulation to your floor structure with our company and the floor area of the floor structure of the house is 150m2, then the amount sprayed will be 0.3 meters x 150m2 = 45 cubic meters.

In the case of an open slab, the average density will be 32-33 kg/m3, so the quantity of 45m3 must be multiplied by the weight of 32 kg, so we get the weight of the used insulation, which in this case will be: 1440 kg.

1440 kg of raw materials x HUF 740 = HUF 1,080,000

If we divide this back into the cubic meter, then: 1,080,000 / 45 m3 = HUF 24,000/m3 + VAT. This includes the material and labor fee!

We haven’t raised prices, so our prices from two-years ago are still valid!

Keresse a "Kp Sales House Kft" ügyfélreferenseit az alábbi elérhetőségeken:

A telefonszámok csak hétköznap 8-17 óráig, szombaton 9-13 óráig érhetőek el


The prices below include labor and material fees, regardless of whether your property has one, two or even three floors.


The amount does not include VAT. VAT rate: 27%. In all cases, the settlement is made depending on the exact material consumption.

– Between 350-599kg of incorporated material, STEICO wood wool insulation material + labor fee: HUF 840/kg (approx. HUF 26,900/m3 + VAT)

Calculation help: Eg: slab insulation of a 50m2 family house with a thickness of 30cm. 50m2 x 30cm = 15m3 x 33kg/m3=495kg x HUF 840 = HUF 415,800, per m2: HUF 8,316 including material and labor.


– Between 600-999 kg of incorporated material, STEICO wood wool insulation material + labor fee: HUF 790/kg (approx. HUF 25,300/m3 + VAT)


– Between 1000-1499 kg of incorporated material, STEICO wood wool insulation material + labor fee: HUF 750/kg (approx. HUF 23,700/m3 + VAT)

Calculation help: Eg: slab insulation of a 100 m2 family house with a thickness of 30cm. 100m2 x 30cm = 30m3 x 33kg/m3 = 999kg x 750 HUF = 749,250 HUF, projected per m2: 7,490 HUF including material and labor.


– Between 1500-2000 kg of incorporated material, STEICO wood wool insulation material + labor fee: HUF 730/kg (approx. HUF 23,400/m3 + VAT)

Calculation help: Eg: slab insulation of a 200 m2 family house with a thickness of 30 cm. 200 m2 x 30 cm = 60 m3 x 33 kg/m3 = 1998 kg x HUF 730 = HUF 1,458,540, projected per m2: HUF 7,300 including material and labor fees.


– Above 2,001 kg of incorporated material, STEICO wood wool insulation material + labor fee: HUF 705/kg (approx. HUF 22,600/m3 + VAT)

If STEICO wood wool insulation needs to be blown into a slanted structure, a closed ceiling or a closed prefab wall structure, the price is 40% higher per cubic meter.

The reason for this is that each rib gap must be drilled and then closed and approx. The speed of work is 70-80% slower, because the material must be compacted with a machine during each rib, thus the amount of incorporated material is also much higher, this is approx. 32-33kg/m3 compared to open blowing, around 41-44kg/m3.

In a 50km radius from our Tököl location, pick-up and delivery fees are free if the ordered quantity of material is over 900kg (all Budapest and Pest counties are included).

The pick-up + delivery fee in other cases: HUF 185/km + VAT, measured from our Tököl location.

If the processed quantity is over 1.2 tons, half of the landing fee is waived, and if the ordered quantity is over 2 tons, the delivery and landing fee are completely free.

By definition, we calculate the round trip.

Unfortunately, we cannot undertake work for quantities below 10m3, only if more work can be organized for one day. Their colleagues can provide information on this.

If you would like to receive a price quote for thermal insulation with wood wool, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within two days.

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Please feel free to contact us!

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A telefonszámok csak hétköznap 8-17 óráig, szombaton 9-13 óráig érhetőek el


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